Basketball International Governing Body, FIBA sent an official letter in appreciating the presence of Iranian teams in the FIBA U-17 Skill Challenge.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: The letter, signed by FIBA President and Secretary-General, has addressed the Iranian basketball in communicating with the NF’s President, Dr. Ramin Tabatabaei. The organization, ability and presence of Iranian male and female U-17 teams have been highlighted within the letter. Also, presence of Iran in the event has been exemplified as resilience against Covid19 worldwide pandemic.

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear President
Allow us to sincerely congratulate your National Federation for taking part in the FIBA U17 Skills Challenge 2020 Asian Qualifiers for Men and Women. Your Federation showed a high level of organization and capability in adjusting to the requirements of this new Competition. Your participation serves as an example of resilience in these difficult times under the COVID19 pandemic and signals the gradual Return to Basketball.
We would like to personally thank you, your staff and your players for the close cooperation in
this regard.
Please receive our Best Wishes for health and safety”.

Hamane Niang

Andreas Zagklis