The Men’s Pro League Coordination Meeting by the presence of clubs’ representatives and NF’s officials.
Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: The meeting which was chaired by the Federation’s President, Dr. Tabatabaei, technical members, representatives and officials discussed the condition and mechanism of the league’s competitions back to the court.

Appreciating the clubs and addressing their representatives, Dr. Tabatabaei, the NF’s President highlighted: “Clubs are the main arms of basketball that propel the sport. Basketball goals will definitely follow your points of view so that it can reach its main position”.
NF President also pointed out: “One of FIBA’s policies is to promote basketball in the world and to make it one of the top sports in the world. In line with this goal, the Basketball Federation is also looking for a leap and growth of basketball in the country”.

“According to the permits of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, the competitions must be held in a semi-centralized format in Tehran without spectators. Our main goal is to start the league. Whatever happens next must be managed in time. This year’s situation is special and unique and should be facilitated by more interaction between the clubs and the federation” added the President.

Deadline for previous settlements, deadline for payment of this year’s league entrance, groupings, start and end dates of the league, time of submitting documents and registration through the National Platform of the Federation, statistics and doping and obtaining Article 5 commission license for clubs were raised in this meeting.

At the end of the meeting, with the unanimity of the participants, it was decided to hold the Men’s Pro League on November 5th. Mechanism of the league was held was also determined. In addition, the Competition Committee provided the clubs with instructions for returning to training and basketball competitions, obtained from the FIBA guide and National Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters along with contract forms of the players and technical staff.