Iranian Referees and Commissioners were accepted in International spots of GOL 2019-2012.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: The ongoing season of Global Official Licensing for 2019-2021 which approves the credibility and eligibility of the Game Officials in basketball affirmed 6 Iranian Referees and 5 Commissioners as International Officials who will have permission to officiate foreign games if invited by FIBA.
Ramin Fathi and Javad Moradi were listed as White Category holders; Mohammad Doost, Jafar Mohammadpour, Mohammad Rajabi, and Hadi Salem were given Black Category.

For the Intenrational Commissioners, FIBA approved the presence of Vreje Abcarian, Sanam Nezami, Shahram Parniak, Mehri Tavakoli and Maryam Zarre.

Iran enjoyed 16 spots for the 2019-2021 GOL where more than half of the candidates obtained international permissions. Fitness Test, Online Written Test and relevant judging criteria are of the most important issues for the approval process.

It is highlighted that FIBA Asia Refereeing Department played a key role in finalizing the Iranian spots.