Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Secretary-General congratulated the Iranian President on being elected as the Foreign Events Council of Ministry of Sports and Youth.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: in an official letter from the FIBA Secretary-General, the attention paid by the Iranian authorities to basketball has been highlighted. The letter read as:

“Dear President
I hope that this letter finds you well.
Allow me to sincerely and personally congratulate you, also on behalf of President Hamane
Niang, on your recent election as a member of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Council of
your country. This is both a recognition to your person and an important acknowledgement of the
importance of basketball in the I.R. of Iran. We wish you all the best for the future and look forward to continuing the close collaboration
with you. My Best Wishes for health and safety go out to you and the Federation’s staff.

Andreas Zagklis
FIBA Secretary-General”