Dr. Salehi Amiri, President of Iran National Olympic Committee paid visit to Iran Basketball Federation.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: Dr. Salehi Amiri, along with members of the Executive Board and a group of managers of the National Olympic Committee, visited the Basketball Federation.

Dr. Salehi Amiri, stated: “In basketball, qualified people are propelling the affair, Dr. Tabatabaei is serious in his job and it is a principle that if someone is serious, he will be successful and we will witness this consistent spirit many times. Dr. Tabatabaei has roots in basketball and has the ability to attract capable people, I am personally very hopeful and optimistic about this sport and I think one day they will leave football behind; in addition, women are very active, we need an illustration of Iran, which is achieved with the maximum presence of our women in international competitions”.

“Basketball will have much better days and we will see those days. For basketball; winning a quota in the Olympic Games means standing on the medal podium” added the NOC President.

Dr. Ramin Tabatabaei, President of Basketball Federation, said: “This year is a very busy year for us and we tried to adapt ourselves to the conditions of the corona restrictions. Immediately after the Tokyo 2020, we must prepare for the Asian Cup. We developed the team preparation program and informed the NOC National Teams Monitoring Center and Iranian Chef de Mission of our goals, and also informed the National Olympic Committee about the process of these preparations. Basketball Federation is working all inclusively to develop this sport; however, unfortunately the level of our infrastructure is not proper. We are trying to make this discipline as popular as possible, considering the vitality of basketball and the popularity of 3×3 basketball, and in this regard, FIBA has sent us instructions”.