Dr. Ramin Tabatabaei, President of Iran Basketball Federation held a meeting with Serbian Ambassador to Tehran.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: Dr. Dragan Todorovic, the Serbian Ambassador to Tehran presented in Basketball Federation to talk around the development and opportunities for further cooperation between the two countries.

Dragan Todorovic stated: “We hope to be able to use the good atmosphere that exists in sports, especially basketball”.
Dragan Todorovic and the Serbian Coach of the basketball team Avizhee Sanaat Parsa Mashhad, Ivanovic talked with the President of the Basketball Federation where Secretary General Dr. Shabnam Kolahi, National Teams Manager, Masoud Ghasemi and Mehran Shahintab, the Head Coach of our national men’s basketball team, were also present. In this meeting, the NF President proposed to hold several preparatory games between the national men’s basketball teams of Iran and Serbia, hosted by our Iran, so that the Iranian national team could prepare for a strong presence in the Tokyo Olympics.

Dr. Tabatabaei held: “Holding preparatory training camps between Iran and Serbia before participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is of great importance to us. There is a good atmosphere between Iran and Serbia. The presence of our young coaches in Serbia to improve their academic level and take mid-term and long-term training courses is another issue that is important to us; we have about a 5-month opportunity each year to use foreign coaches in coaching clinics. According to the meetings we had with the Ministry of Sports and Youth, we want to increase the relationship between the two basketball federations of Iran and Serbia and to make the most of the potential of this environment”.

The Serbian Ambassador also welcomed the offer and stated: “I have received this proposal from other federations and I will certainly transfer this message, but the meeting between the presidents of the Basketball Federations of Iran and Serbia is very important to discuss the details. We hope that after Norooz, we will be able to use this suitable space, especially in basketball”.