The Iranian Youth National Team was awarded with the permission to participate in FIBA U19 2021 World Cup in Latvia.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: In a decision made by FIBA and announced by Secretary-General Andreas Zagklis, the Iranian Youth who were left behind in the Asian qualification, were pushed forward to participate in the World even.
The news came to IRIBF officially through a call between the NF President and FIBA Secretary-General followed by a letter from the latter stating so. Before; the Youth were deprived from the Asian U18 leg qualification as it was canceled due to the spread of Covid-19 and the decisions resulted in ranking application. Hopefully, the Iranian Youth National Squad, as the next best-ranked team will now be able to compete against the rivals in Latvia as of 3 to 11 July.

Dr. Ramin Tabatabaei, IRIBF President, in a letter addressing the FIBA Secretary-General, appreciated the step toward creating such opportunity for the young players. Part of his letter to Abdreas Zagklis reads as:

“Dear Mr. Zagklis
Esteemed FIBA Secretary-General

Please accept my warmest greetings on behalf of Iranian Basketball society specially our Youth who are right now the happiest on earth.
I would like to personally thank you for taking the time talking to me yesterday. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding contribution that yourself and all valuable FIBA staff along with the colleagues at the Asian Regional Office (FIBA Asia) are putting into promotion of our popular sport which have resulted in a brilliant Return to Basketball.
I specially appreciate the decision which was taken in creating the opportunity for our Youth National Team to participate in the U19 World Cup. It underlines our responsibility and doubles the effort we need to put for signalizing the future of the basketball”.