Dr. Ramin Tabatabaei, member of the FIBA Medical Commission participated in the fourth meeting covenanted by presence of all members.

Iran Basketball Federation; Tehran: The meeting of the Commission which was attended by Andreas Zagklis; FIBA Secretary-General, reviewed the latest measure taken to contain Covid-19 in the countries and reports regarding the issue were heard by members. It was decided that the current protocols and countermeasures be updated and steps toward organizing the postponed Window 3 in different countries be taken duly. Members of the Medical Commission also heard the report of the Iranian Basketball President, Ramin Tabatabaei, on the routes of holding league competitions in Iran. On the issue of efficiency of the vaccines; Commission members approved that countries must vaccinate the athletes prior to participating in FIBA events. Holding events by observing health guidelines within 2021 and achievements in Returning to Basketball were other topics covered by the Medical Commission.