Mehran Shahintab, the Head Coach of Shahrdary Gorgan and the Senior Men’s National Team expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the teams which participated in the Men’s Pro League for 2020-2021.

Iran Basketball federation; Tehran: Shihintab held: “God helped us a lot in the last game and Perish Petty’s last shot took the extra time and made it possible for us to win”.

After winning the Men’s Pro League Championship; Mehran Shahintab said: “Covid-19 conditions had caused this year’s matches to be held centrally. In my opinion, this situation was to the detriment of the teams, because they had lost their spectators, but in any case, there was no way out. The basketball Federation worked hard and top games were held, especially the games of the final four teams. Overall, there were a number of better teams in the league this year, and I think that could help the growth of basketball”.