The top-ranking NOC delegation of Afghanistan paid visit to national federations and held talks with their officials.

IRIBF, TEHRAN: The Afghan NOC Secretar-General Dr. Mohammad Younus and Hafizullah Valirahmi, the Sports Minister met with NFs’ presidents and officials in order to expand the sports ties and cooperation. Swimming, Taekwondo, Kung-Fu, Basketball, Volleyball, Zurkhane and Bodybuilding were the national federations which were visited by the Afghan sport delegation. Expansion of bilateral training camps, identification of Afghan sport migrants, conclusion of memorandums of understanding and holding sport Olympiads were among the discussed topics in their visit.Sports cooperation can include development of sports relations and exchange of sports knowledge, Doctor Tabatabaei said.
For his part, the Afghan official said his country is very interested in cooperating with Iran in basketball.
He went on to say that Afghanistan can overcome its weaknesses in sports through cooperation with Iran.
Prior to the visits, the Afghanistan NOC Secretary-General and the Sports Minister visited their counterparts and negotiated on different issues to benefit of both countries relations and sport collaboration.